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Small Business Counsel

The legal issues small businesses are often confronted with are usually specific to that business. As a result, the answer to a legal problem that worked for one business might not work for another. This is why it is important to consult with a small business attorney when addressing your specific business legal needs. I work closely with small business clients to get to know their business so as to provide services that are catered specifically to their business. I have assisted clients that do business in the maritime, health care, government contracting, and real estate industries.  Here are a few of the  legal issues I have assisted business clients in addressing: 

  • Contract review, preparation, and negotiation

  • Business formation and dissolution

  • Ownership disputes

  • Online reputation defense

  • Contractor/Employee relations

  • Cease and Desist/Demand Letters

  • Risk mitigation

  • Dispute resolution

  • Civil litigation

  • General counsel

If your small business is confronted with a legal issue or dispute, call 813-825-1267 or email me to schedule a confidential legal consultation.

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