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Individuals have legal rights that arise from the ownership, use, control, or interactions with property. The exercising of these rights may involve the sale or lease of the property, a contractor providing improvements to the property, a tenant's use of the property, destruction of the property, or an unauthorized use of the property. My office is dedicated to providing our clients with actionable legal advice and zealous representation in all matters related to our client's protection or enforcement of their property rights. We have experience assisting clients with property right issues involving:

  • Riparian and Littoral Rights

  • Waterfront Property Land Use

  • Land Use and Easement Disputes

  • Real Estate Contract Disputes

  • Construction Liens

  • Mechanic Liens

  • Construction Contract Disputes

  • Enforcement of Restrictions

  • HOA Disputes

  • Condo Disputes

  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes

  • Commercial Leases

If you need representation in a property rights matter, look no further and call me at 813-825-1267 or email me for a confidential consultation and initial case review.

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